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What Italian Food Could You Eat Forever?

So… keeping up with the Italian theme, some of the most popular dishes in the world originate from Italy. But which of them would you never get tired of eating?

I think mine would be spaghetti with lobster (or prawns) and obviously swimming in sauce (I’m a sauce freak). What I realised whilst in Italy was that picking where you eat is very important. Because honestly, the same dish can taste completely different. Some restaurants won’t season the dish very much, whereas others will make all the flavours come alive and it’s almost like you’re living out the scene from Disney’s ‘Ratatouille’!

This was one of the lobster spaghetti dishes I consumed and this one was amazing, but not as flavoursome as the one I had a couple days after somewhere else. But the restaurant I had the below photo in was magnificent, and I would go there for the vibe and atmosphere alone! The pizza there was better I think, but that’s me being incredibly nit-picky!

The pizza’s in Italy were splendid but I think if I could only have one type of Italian cuisine, it would be a pasta dish as there are endless foods you can serve within the dish. And parmesan on top of the pasta tastes like you’ve fulfilled your foodie fantasy… for now!

Which Italian dish would you eat forever? If you’ve visited Italy, which of the dishes made there were your favourite? Are you a cheese fan? If so Italy is for you! The mozzarella balls are phenomenal! Do you have any Italian restaurants you’d recommend? Comment below!

28 thoughts on “What Italian Food Could You Eat Forever?

  1. I am second generation Italian-American and by far pasta with my mama’s homemade sauce I could eat everyday. She called her sauce suego and we would sneak dips of bread in it throughout the day as it slow cooked on the stove! Mangia!

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    1. Ratatouille!!😂😂😂 and the rat in the guys chef hat was unbelievable but a child’s fantasy😂😂 I even tried to do it with someone’s hair! I can assure you IT DOESN’T WORK😂😂


      1. I saw the film when it first came out. It was great. I was once a chef and have worked a lot in hospitals after that so I was naturally a bit perplexed by a rat preparing food in a kitchen. Lol


  2. Looks delicious! I never had the two together before. If I could eat any Italian dish forever it would be spaghetti. It’s affordable and also versatile. You can have it as an appetizer, side dish or main meal.

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    1. It’s incredible! You must try it. I agree spaghetti is very versatile, there are so many things you can do with pasta in a dish. That’s why it’s such a classic!
      Great minds think alike!😃😁


  3. Splendid choice, Antonia! The pasta with lobster looks achingly magnificent, and your vivid descriptions make the stomach growl.

    I can think of fates far worse than dining as you did rest of my life.

    Still. my choice would be ravioli with garlic. halved cherry tomatoes and artichoke hearts. Drizzle with a little olive oil – magnifico!

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    1. Thankyouu! Trust me it’s making my stomach growl right now!😂🤤
      Oooh ravioli is amazing, gutted I didn’t have it in Italy! Sounds delicious I need to eat that now!!

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  4. Hands down, Italian brick roasted pizza. The ingredients are just so much fresher than anything we have in America. It’s not processed. Loved the lobster on pasta. Looked to die for. I miss Italy. I think it may be time for another vacation there.


  5. I’m not a great fan of Italian food, but pizza is good sometimes. We go to a restaurant called Olive Garden here, I always get cheese ravioli with meat sauce, and it’s always really good. Plus, they have a great mixed salad with Italian dressing. 🙂


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