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The 21st Century: Searching for Love ?

Most of us grew up watching films capturing fairytales, believing in true love and we’ll all live happily ever after. But does ‘the one’ really exist? And if so, where do we find it?

I have the view that maybe years ago, it was easier to find a match. Guys didn’t have so many options, and women didn’t have so many expectations. Life was simpler then, and we weren’t always looking for the next best thing. Men and women were more easily satisfied and usually when the guy asked you for a dance or a date, it was basically a sealed deal. A high percentage of the time they would marry at a young age so you wouldn’t really ‘date’ for a long time, it wasn’t the done thing. They’d marry, have children, that was life.

I’d say as soon as electronic devices like phones and computers were made, that’s when life changed. And not for the better on this particular subject…

People had access to the Internet. Mobile Phones. Text Messaging. Phone calls on the move. It was a phenomenon and you can understand why. Peoples lives and minds were opened up further than they could ever imagine, and along with any remarkable event, comes curiosity. Imagine being a wife at that time, and your husband starts going on his mobile device often. I’d be most perplexed, and in a way uncomfortable as you’re going into unknown territory.

Years on, here we are. Most people find love online, and even on apps! Tinder is a household name all on its own and I can understand why. People want to have options nowadays and want every box ticked. Is that too much to ask for? Probably not! We have the internet. Anything’s possible. We have the power as soon as we see an image of someone to either swipe right or left! No other information needed. Most of us are taught from a young age not to judge a book by its cover, yet here we are. Picking either ‘fun’ or a ‘husband’ at the swipe of a finger. No.1 dating app in the world.

It’s even harder finding love with the internet being around. Don’t get me wrong the internet is an astonishing thing, I now cannot imagine life without it. Is that a healthy attachment to have? Probably not. When you think about it, it’s all happened so fast. This kind of evolution. Not even 100 years have passed that people were rationing in the UK. Other parts of the world it only stopped a few years ago.

It brings up the question, have we got too much? I think so. Anything that pops into our heads we can type in search engines. Even things which aren’t supposed to be on the internet are. The most dangerous thing about it is that companies/governments cannot properly control what material is online. They haven’t established a real grasp on it, if any. And that’s when you know it’s out of control. Literally anything is online. The dark web is an unthinkable institution all on its own. Anything can happen or be uploaded there. How has that even materialised? We find it odd if someone doesn’t have social media. Some jobs don’t even accept you without any social media presence. It is classed as part of our identity now.

The internet reminds me of the film ‘The Purge’. The synopsis of the film is basically all forms of crimes are legal for 12 hours. Already some forms of that prohibited nature have become a reality on the internet. Can it be undone? I think its like a monster that billions of us are feeding, somewhat unknowingly.

What do you think? Comment below!

29 thoughts on “The 21st Century: Searching for Love ?

  1. The generation today is always looking for the next best thing, only to find they should’ve kept the jewel they had. That is why most of them are single. People are never satisfied and don’t know how to appreciate authenticity. Sad world we love in and I agree with you. However, good men and women do exist. I have faith in that! Great post

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    1. I absolutely agree with everything you said! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thankyouu for commenting 😊


  2. If you want to meet real people, be real, go in the real world. You will find there are much more real men and women out there, who don’t want to follow the trend. We just need to be brave enough and not stop at the looks 😉
    the Internet is a great tool and we can learn how to use it intelligently. You’re very young but you are already asking the good questions, that’s a great point and a big advantage for your life. Keep it up Antonia.

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  3. I honestly don’t think it’s the Internet. I mean there’s so such much on there, but I don’t see how and why it can make someone “use someone” and all the other things that people do.

    I do believe when we were younger things seemed so simple with the Fairytales and that when that’s far from the case. In terms of why this “love” thing is impossible rn, I have no idea. I just think this generation is messed up and idk why

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  4. Great post. I just think the world is going way too fast and it’s stopping to let me off, just leaving me behind if I choose not to keep up. Like you said, there are positive things about the internet although I wish we weren’t building our future so dependent on it. Slow down people and look and actually speak to someone face to face.

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